Avalon, the Story. Juli 2145 AC.

The earth as we know it was almost destroyed by its own inhabitants. The air was heavily polluted, the ozon-layer gone. All vegetation had died out. Almost a century ago, the effects of their lifestyle had already become clear to them, but as humans are, they continued living in their bad way without thinking about the consequences for their children, and slowly the air became more and more unbreathable.

The second thing that happened at about 2105 AC was the terrible war that started almost instantly with the destruction of the last nuclear warhead by the Chinese. For more than a century, peace had been in large parts of the world. But suddenly, appearently without any cause, every country in the world attacked it's neighbours for some insignificant reason. It was even said that God Himself had left the world.

A group of people, known as the Avalon-cult, believed that the world would come to an end. Of course that kind of groups were found all the time, but this group had some interesting ideas. It's goal was to escape from the dying earth before it was too late.

To accomplish this it was necessary to steal a spaceship, which wasn't easy, but they managed to succeed. Their plan was to use the newly invented technology that made it possible to freeze people for many centuries in order to flee to a distant planet called Avalon, which they believed had an earth-like climate.

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