Avalon Awards

Avalon received the ZDNet Shareware Award in 2000. From all the freeware and shareware games released in that year, the jury picked Avalon as the best in the category 'strategy'.

Reviewed on 20 Januari 2000
"Avalon, a classic 2D RPG adventure developed by MiG, places you in the role of a hero estined to save humanity from extinction. Although the graphics are outdated by today's standards, the game has a wonderful story and many different weapons and armor to choose from, such as swords, axes, bows, and guns to name just a few. The characters you meet along your adventure provide you with both informative and realistic dialog that's vital to the success of your mission. Battles are more strategic than action-oriented; once a monster attacks you, a screen pops up asking whether you'd like to attack, use an item, check your status, or just run away. Experience points are awarded when a monster is killed; after collecting a certain amount, your character becomes stronger. Fans of the classic RPG will undoubtedly want to add this game to their hard drives."

The official mail upon receiving the award:

Congratulations! Your program, Avalon, was selected as a winner in the category "Strategy" in the Seventh Annual ZDNet Shareware Awards competition. These awards are given to the best new or significantly upgraded shareware submitted to ZDNet Downloads over the past year. An award trophy is in the mail to you. On behalf of PC Magazine, Computer Gaming World, FamilyPC, ZDTV, and ZDNet Downloads, congratulations again!
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